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David follows Margo in his car and crashes into her; he chokes her and threatens he will hurt her more if she doesn't fix things for him.

David then sees Nicole hugging Gary outside school and, as Gary walks home alone, David follows and kills him.

Fear was released on April 12, 1996 in 1,584 theaters. 4 at the box office, making .3 million in its opening weekend.

David spins the encounter against Steven; he makes it look like Steven punched him, which gains Nicole's sympathy.

One evening, Nicole is invited by David to a party at his friend Logan's (Tracy Fraim) house.

Using a flashlight, Nicole sends an SOS to Larry, the Walker's private security guard, who arrives to confront the situation, but he is shot dead by Terry.

David, Logan and Terry eventually force their way in and take Steven hostage, using Larry's handcuffs to shackle up him and Laura.

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David gets ready to execute Steven but Nicole prevents this by stabbing David in the back with a letter opener (which David himself won for Nicole at a carnival on one of their dates).